LU-5 ChiZe, has to be one of the most relevant acupuncture points for COVID-19 symptoms.

(NOTE: This is a discussion amongst acupuncture professionals, does not consist medical advice nor to replace your medical care.).

Here are a few angles to consider the point actions of LU-5 using the concept of Five Shu points:

From our earlier discussion, you would have worked out that LU-5 is the He-Sea point on the Lu channel; Water point on Metal channel; therefore a Child point.
[1] Child Point:
– Child points drain Excess from
the channels and the organ systems.
– Fever, fullness in the chest, breathing difficulty due to lung fluid retention of COVID-19 fall in TCM diagnosis of Phlegm Heat in the Lung by invading pathogens. This is an Excess condition of the Lung, therefore, using the Child Point on the Lung Channel (LU-5) is most appropriate.
– For very acute conditions, bleeding technique can be applied (which we have discussed before – not letting blood but a light prick on the point or dark veins nearby).
[2] He-Sea point:
– According to the Classic of Difficulties, all He-Sea points treat “counterflow of Qi and diarrhoea” (逆氣而泄).
– Therefore, LU-5 is also useful for COVID-19 symptoms of coughs, nausea and diarrhoea.
[3] Same Element Category (同氣相求)
– LU-5 is the Water point of the Lung channel. Being a Water point, it also taps into energy of the Water Element (Kidney/Bladder) to benefit breathing.
– In Chinese Medicine, breathing is a function coordinated between the systems of the Lung and the Kidney.
– Moreover, Kidney is pivotal to bodily fluid transport. Therefore, it is indicated for the fluid retention in the lung caused by inflammation (Phlegm).
Separately, LU-5 is equivalent to 33.16 QuLing 曲陵 in Master Tung’s Acupuncture, but the latter is needled right next to the tendon of biceps brachia and therefore has additional function of treating certain musclo-skeletal issues which we can discuss in a separate post.
Tomorrow we will discuss more acupuncture points that are relevant to COVID-19 symptoms from the perspectives of the Five Shu points.

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