Health conditions

we frequently see in our practice

Pain management

Improve quality of life for people suffering from chronic pain.
post-surgical / injury pain,
neurological pain &
migraine headaches.


Stress in life can contribute to
low energy &
digestive issues.

Women's health

Pre-menstrual tension
Menopausal transitions
General wellbeings

What our clients say

Mr Michael M

Mr Michael M

I had never tried acupuncture before but I wish I had met Joanne years ago as she identified issues as soon as I walked through the door, tailored the treatment to my needs and the results were immediate.

There was a significant improvement after one session and each session has had an individual focus which Joanne explains in detail.

All the results have been positive, clearing existing and historical issues (which other medicines have unfortunately failed to address), relieving pain and giving me more energy in general.

I highly recommend a visit to Joanne, it could change your life and you will know that you are in good hands, as soon as you walk in the calm atmosphere will put you at ease. The whole experience is very relaxing.

Mrs Emma V

Mrs Emma V

I had been curious about trying acupuncture since a friend told me they had used acupuncture to successfully alleviate sickness during pregnancy.

Working long hours in a challenging job, I initially started seeing Joanne for acupuncture sessions to help me relax and improve my general health as my husband and I were hoping to conceive our first child. Within several months of having regular sessions I was expecting our first baby.

I would certainly recommend acupuncture to others who are looking for a treatment to reduce stress and to strengthen the body’s natural healing properties. I always feel so relaxed after a session with Joanne and would say that acupuncture has helped me immeasurably!

Mr Stephen N

Mr Stephen N

For several months I had been taking very strong prescribed drugs for pain in my joints. Blood tests did not reveal any cause. I decided to have treatment.

The consultations were very professional. I found the experience extremely relaxing to the point I fell asleep! The result has been amazing - no pain and I do not need to take the drugs. In the light of this success, I still go to the clinic for treatment to alleviate stress issues.

Joanne and her support staff have been very professional and approachable. I would strongly recommend this clinic.


Joanne offers in-person mentoring supervision sessions from Leeds.


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